Entertainment Relations, Gibson Guitar

Codey AllenCodey Allen has spent the last decade developing Gibson Guitar’s entertainment relations presence in Texas. Based out of the Gibson Showroom in Austin, Codey spends her days building relationships with the artistic community, lifestyle brands, influencers, media partners, event producers, and nonprofit organizations in an effort to build on Gibson’s reputation as the leading guitar brand in the world. Through product placement, strategic alliances and artist endorsements, Codey is responsible for the global guitar company’s brand awareness across industries and audiences. She has worked alongside world-famous entertainers and influential businesses (local and global) that have honed her talents for product placement and brand enhancement.

Her vision, enthusiasm, and ability to connect – not only connect with others, but also help forge connections between people and brands that can benefit one another – create opportunities for both artists and the companies that strive to sustain their art. Codey is not only a music industry marketer, but an artist advocate, working to support musicians with the very tools of their trade.