Danny Malone

Danny Malone

Danny Malone

Danny Malone is a multitude of sounds coming from Austin, TX. It also may be the name of the mastermind behind the beautiful chaos and sexy-depression you feel from this three piece wall of sound.

In a dark room, down the stairs and into a basement full of thought and diligent work, you will find Danny Malone, Charley Siess, and Kenni Hede.

The latest release, speeddreamer, was recorded on a 4-track cassette tape recorder (a tascam 424) in a barn in total isolation. for 2 months, staying up all the live long night and working all the long gone days, writing and recording the entire album. some songs, like “black cat” “haunted, my only” and “olympia2”, were written and recorded in the same day. This is one for the headphone junkies. it’s a slow burn.

An album to which one might turn down the lights, lay on the floor, and break up with a lover.

It’s certainly a lo-fi departure from Malone’s previous albums, which were, fundamentally, folk based songs, with starkly different, but respectively hi-fi production. Cuddlebug being, at times, f***ing rock ‘n’ roll, and at others, a nostalgic acoustic guitar driven album. balloons, in stark contrast, took an insane turn. It became a future-folk, sexy-depression, dancey – and dark album. made in a haunted castle in denmark, it’s innumerable layers of naturally reverb soaked vocals from the walls of the castle, and found object rhythms (i.e. hand claps, foot stomps, piano-lid-slamming, percussive breathing, etc… no drums were used at all actually) made a truly unique and new sound like nothing else out there. and that’s no exaggeration. it is distinctly its own.

And now! The unmistakable, lo-fi soundscape of speeddreamer is, likewise, comparable to nothing else, while retaining the undeniable soul and stamp of danny malone.

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