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As of August 2017:

Members have funded
in grants to
bands consisting of

Black Fret Artists have used those funds to:


New Songs
Songs Professionally Mastered
Songs Released


US Performances
International Performances
Charity Performances

Black Fret community directed grants are awarded on the basis of artistic excellence to musicians select by our Artist Selection Process. Artists selected in a calendar year become eligible to receive their grant funds over the course of the following calendar year by participating in the Black Fret Artist program.

As we grow Black Fret hopes to provide additional programs offering funding to artists that will utilize a diverse set of selection criteria.

Size of Grants ($)
The dollar amount of an individual grant paid to a Black Fret Artist shall be set annually by the Board of Directors based on feedback from local artists on the costs associated with creating and performing their work. 2017 Black Fret Artists received either a major grant of $17,000 or a minor grant of $5,000. We expect that the major grants shall grow to $25,000 as we reach our limit on Members.

Number of Grants
Once we grow our grant amounts to $25,000 our goal shifts to focus on growing the number of grants we give out each year. Our goal is to be able to fund a long list of local musicians in a sustainable manner.

In order to ensure funds are utilized in furtherance of Black Fret’s charitable mission, grants will be paid out to Artists upon the completion of discrete milestones in the process of creating and performing new music and by providing community service. Artists may choose from a menu of deliverables to fulfill this requirement for funding. For example, an Artist may unlock up to $1,500 per new song through completing and evidencing three distinct steps in the creative process: 1) Writing: $300 for submission of new lyric and a demo recording; 2) Recording: $700 for submission of an invoice from a reputable third party recording studio or audio engineer; and (3) Release: $500 for releasing a new song to the public.

Artists may unlock 60% of their total grant prior to June 30th and the remaining 40% in the second half of the year.

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About Our Artists

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