We believe local music is art, worthy of community support just like the symphony and the opera have been supported for generations. Our mission is to enable the creation and performance of new music by Austin’s exceptional local musicians. Our vision is to build an endowed institution capable of sustaining over a million dollars a year in grants to Austin musicians.

To achieve this, we are looking for a limited group of dedicated local music fans to become Black Fret Members. Members pay annual dues of $1500 (80% tax deductible) to fund artist grants and performance fees. Members nominate the bands they love, gather to see them perform in interesting venues all over the city, and vote to allocate Black Fret grants to exceptional artists at the end of each year, awarded at the fabulous Black Fret Ball. As a Black Fret Member, you gain access for yourself and a guest to over 20 unique performance events each year.

Your membership allows Black Fret to grow its impact for Austin music – regardless of the number of events you attend or your level of involvement in the Artist Selection Process. Over the next decade we will fund hundreds of bands and thousands of new songs while building a new Austin institution capable of supporting the sustained artistic, cultural and economic growth of Austin and the artists who call our city home.

Please join us in building this legacy.

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