Beat Root Revival

Beat Root Revival

‘They have the BEAT , ROOTed in old music and creating a REVIVAL’

Multiinstrumentalists Andrea Magee & Ben Jones make up the duo Beat Root Revival, drawing from folk, roots, 60’s pop & rock n roll their sound is truly unique. A fusion of foot stomping rhythm, acoustic driven guitar, tribal Irish drum beats & tight harmonies creating a unique sound leaving audiences shocked there are only 2 people on stage. A must see duo.

2018 for Beat Root Revival was an incredible one:

  • Touring with Brian Wilson on his European & world Pet Sounds tour as the Opening Act.
  • Then again for his Christmas USA & Canada Tour with Al Jardine & Blondie Chaplan.
  • Summer USA tour with The Fixx.
  • New recordings with grammy award winning producer Paul Leary.
  • 3 new music videos.

2019 looks like:

  • Complete Album with Paul Leary
  • More touring opportunities with Brian Wilson
  • Opening for Lake Street Dive
  • Festivals / tours

“2019 is the year we grow our brand and name and take over he world :)”

- Andrea Magee


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