Becoming a Member of Black Fret means more than just being a part of the creation of a new Austin institution.  You’ll play the role of an arts patron.  Of a music industry insider.  Of a talent scout.  And you will attend some of the most intimate and amazing musical experiences in town. What you make of your Black Fret experience is up to you but the sky is the limit.

Arts Patron:  Each of Black Fret’s Members contributes equally to the building of the Black Fret endowment. Our Members take great pride in the creation of the next great Austin arts institution.  Austin’s local music scene is what sets Austin artistically apart from the rest of the world.  We are the “Live Music Capital of the World”.  It’s our claim to fame.  Many cities have symphonies and operas… Austin has our unique vibrant local music scene.  And Black Fret to support it.  We’re proud of our city, our musicians and the institution we are building.  Over the course of the next decade Black Fret Members will fund hundreds of Artists and thousands of songs while building an endowment to ensure our impact continues to grow.  Black Fret is a musical legacy that our Members can claim as their own and pass to their children.

Music Industry Insider:  Together Black Fret Members represent an extremely knowledgeable group of local music experts.  As a group, we know the bands… we know the clubs… and we know the folks making music happen in this town.  Our Members, Artists, Advisors, volunteers and staff all share knowledge and experiences to ensure that all Members have access to the best of Austin’s live music.  And we all have our favorites.  As individual Members, Artists and Advisors lobby to secure the votes of other Members for their favorite bands, Members can expect to be kept informed about the best live shows, advanced ticket sales and receive invitations to a host of the finest private house parties and musical events in town.

Talent Scout:  Many of our Members, Artists, Advisors, volunteers and staff love to spend their time finding the next great undiscovered act before they make it big.  As a Black Fret Member we invite you to seek out these artists, bring them into the Black Fret community and champion them to other Members to build the votes necessary to see these acts receive the grants they need to advance their talents creating and performing amazing new music.  Our Members’ relationships with their artists don’t end there.   Once they are funded you will have the chance to be part of their development up close, spend time in the recording studio with them and experience their challenges and successes personally.

Austinite:  Black Fret is a community defined by our limited Membership and our shared passion for Austin’s local music.  Our Members are plugged into a group of fellow Austinites who are some of the most interesting, diverse and dynamic people with which you will have regular opportunity to socialize.  And we have all seen that the experience of attending live music or even just getting out around town is greatly enhanced when you know you are likely to see folks you know and have a shared connection with.  Black Fret Members will have access to a host of private events during the year.  And of course at the annual Black Ball which we guarantee will become one of the coolest events in town… one to which our Members have exclusive access.