We welcome you to join us as a Member and become a Patron of Local Music.  We will limit our Membership to 1,333 people for the Black Fret Austin chapter.

Please note that the dues shown below don’t reflect your actual cost when taxes deductions or corporate match is taken in to consideration. To better understand the after-tax cost and potential impact of a corporate match please click here

Black Fret Member: Annual Dues $1,500 (or $125/month or $60/bi-weekly)
That can drop as low as $30 per paycheck if you have access to a corporate match program. Of your $1,500 annual donation, $1,200 will be eligible for a tax-deduction and you will receive $300 in value from benefits.  After taxes that tends to work out to less than a $100/month or half that with a corporate match.  Benefits include…

  • Right to nominate Artists to be eligible for Grants
  • Right to vote for Artists to receive Grants
  • Free admittance for two to Nomination and Listening Season events (RSVP basis up to venue capacity)
  • Free admittance for two to the annual Black Ball
  • T-shirt, hat or similar item with the Black Fret logo
  • Access to the Black Fret Online Community
  • The right to renew your Membership each year
  • The right to pass your Membership to a person of your choice (Legacy Rights)
To cover the ongoing costs of recruiting, new Members are asked to pay a one-time New Member Fee of $100.

Please click here to Join Today.