What does Membership cost?

We aren’t a typical non-profit.  We don’t hold fundraisers, we won’t ask you for more money at every event you attend and we won’t ask you to hit up friends and family. In fact our goal is to keep this whole thing as simple, straight forward and fun as possible.

Members pay a one-time New Member Fee of $100 and then reasonable annual tax-deductible Dues. Below is an example that demonstrates how little annual Membership can actually cost after taxes.

$ 1,500            Member Dues
(     300)           tax deduction with a 25% marginal tax bracket (1) on $1,200 donation (2)
$  1,200           net cost to donor including tax deduction
=   $100           per month

  1.  25% marginal tax bracket occurs when your adjusted gross income exceeds $35,000 as an individual or $69,000 as a married couple
  2. As Members receive $300 worth of entertainment value via Events only $1,200 of your $1,500 in Dues is eligible for a tax deduction

If your company offers a corporate match on charitable donations this could drop below $600 per year.  That’s less than $25 per paycheck for which you are receiving a minimum of $300 worth of entertainment value via Events. When you consider all of the other benefits of being an active participant in our city’s amazing music and philanthropic communities Membership in Black Fret is an incredible opportunity. Remember, Membership is limited to 1,333 Members.  Join Today!

Click here to access a list of companies that offer Corporate Match programs.